Welcome to my blog.  My name is Vicki Jones Cole.  In 2001 I published a manual titled “First Lessons in Christian Science, Volume One: The Ten Commandments.”  It was sold through my web site and direct mail orders.  Following the first volume, I wrote and sold “Volume Two: The Beatitudes” and “Volume Three: The Lord’s Prayer.”  Although the books have been available to those outside the United States, the postage and shipping issues have made it difficult to get to a wider international audience of those who wish to teach their children or Sunday School students the “first lessons” in Christian Science.  Therefore, after many years on the market, I have decided to post excerpts from the books in blog format, so that those who have been unable to buy the books may now have free access to the lessons.

Each blog post will have one day’s Question and Answer to discuss and share with the children you are teaching, or for an older one to read and put into practice on their own.  Before getting to the lessons, I will post parts of the introductory or background material that appeared in the original books.  As I go along, I will be switching between each volume, so that lessons can begin in each subject area.  Feel free to print and share the posts.


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