“Clip and Carry” Lessons

For those of you who have been “following” this blog, this is to let you know that I have gone back through the lessons on the First Commandment and added images of the “clip and carry” lessons from my original book.

They are called “clip and carry” because the pages can be printed, cut out, and handed to an older child to read on their own, or take with them to school or camp or on trips.  They can easily fit into an envelope and mailed off to a grandchild, perhaps, or a young Sunday School student of Christian Science.

In my book I recommended that the lessons be printed on colorful paper and perhaps more durable card stock rather than regular bond paper, but that isn’t necessary, if you now have the lessons on your computer for easy re-printing. To access the images, just click on them to enlarge, and then save to your computer.  I hope that will work for you.

These books are still under copyright, though, and I do not give permission for others to copy in order to sell the lessons.  They are now meant to be given freely, with love.



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