“Blessed are the poor in spirit . . . ” Q&A #9

Blessed are the poor in spirit; for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Question: What about people who just do not care about God, or may be ignorant of the true facts about Him?

Answer: God still loves them, and provides them with all they need. But, they remain blind to God’s riches, until they suddently realize they are ignorant of God, living in a kind of darkness, no matter how much they think they know.

“It is ignorance and false belief, based on a material sense of things, which hide spiritual beauty and goodness.” (S&H 304)

“It is our ignorance of God, the divine Principle, which produces apparent discord, and the right understanding of Him restores harmony.” (S&H 390)

“The procuring cause and foundation of all sickness is fear, ignorance, or sin.” (S&H 411)

“Pride is ignorance; those assume most who have the least wisdom or experience.” (Mis. 2)

“Ignorance, like intentional wrong, is not Science. Ignorance must be seen and corrected before we can attain harmony.” (S&H 251)

“Ignorance of self is the most stubborn belief to overcome, for apathy, dishonesty, sin, follow in its train.” (My. 233)

Practice: We must be willing to learn something new every day about God, and about who we are as His image and likeness. Can you think of some good ways to “be taught of God”? Where can we find His instructions and revelations?

(Excerpted from “First Lessons in Christian Science, Volume Two: The Beatitudes”  Copyright 2002)

[Note: to print out image below, which is from original book, click on image and save to computer]

Poor #9


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