Our Father which art in heaven – Q&A #10

Our Father which art in heaven,
Our Father-Mother God, all-harmonious

Question: Does man ever become separated from his Father-Mother God?

Answer: No. The belief that man can be separated from his Creator is the greatest of lies. The story of Adam and Eve illustrates what happens when man believes he is separate from God or from his complete selfhood. All sin is a belief in this separation. We might say that sin stands for “Separate In Nature.”

Mrs. Eddy gets across the point of man’s close relationship with God in many different ways. Here are a few:

“As a drop of water is one with the ocean, a ray of light one with the sun, even so God and man, Father and son, are one in being. The Scripture reads: ‘For in Him we live, and move, and have our being.’” (S&H 361:16)

“The real man being linked by Science to his Maker, mortals need only turn from sin and lose sight of mortal selfhood to find Christ, the real man and his relation to God, and to recognize the divine sonship.” (S&H 316:4-7)

“Mortals will lose their sense of mortality — disease, sickness, sin, and death — in the proportion that they gain the sense of man’s spiritual preexistence as God’s child; as the offspring of good, and not of God’s opposite, — evil, or a fallen man.” (Mis. 181:25)

Notice the word preexistence in that last citation. That means man lived before what appears as a human birth. We co-exist with our Father. We have always been God’s beloved children!

* * *
(Excerpted from “First Lessons in Christian Science, Volume Three: The Lord’s Prayer
Copyright 2005.  For explanation of this book and blog please read the About page.)

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Our Father - Q&A #10

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