“Hallowed be thy name” for Young Children

“Hallowed be Thy name.”

Jesus taught us that God is “holy,” which is a way of saying that God is very special. Another word for holy is “hallowed.” God is so special that even His name should be “hallowed,” or
holy. “Hallow” also means to separate, or keep apart. God is separate from all that is not like Him. There is nothing bad or evil inside of Him. There is nothing else in the world as good
or wonderful as God. One name for God is Spirit, the Supreme Being. Spirit separates all that is unreal, or bad, from what is real, or good. We should keep God’s name separate from all else, by not thinking of Him as both good and bad.

“Adorable One.”  [the spiritual interpretation given in the Christian Science textbook]

Maybe you have heard someone call a cute baby “adorable.” That means there is something special about the baby that makes a person love him or her. God is adorable, too, but in a
very different way, since He is Spirit. No one and no thing is as special as God, who is divine, or heavenly. But God is the “Adorable One,” not just because He is the only God, but because He is “pure.” He is pure because there is nothing bad in Him at all. God is not made up of a mixture of good and evil. If He were both good and bad, God would be “two” not “one.” We should be happy that God is the Adorable One, because it means we can always depend upon God to be the same every day. We show God that we adore Him by remembering how special He is, and keeping ourselves pure like Him. We can do this by being and loving good only.

* * *
(Excerpted from “First Lessons in Christian Science, Volume Three: The Lord’s Prayer”
Copyright 2005)

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Hallowed - For Kids



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