“Hallowed be thy name” – Q&A #6

Hallowed be Thy name.
Adorable One.

Question: What needs to be separated from God’s name, or nature?

Answer: Mary Baker Eddy tells us:  “This is plain: that whatever belittles, befogs, or belies the
nature and essence of Deity, is not divine.” (Mis. 121:17-19)

Let us explore some of those beliefs we need to separate in our thinking and in our prayers, so that we do not “belittle, befog, or belie” God’s nature.  The main false belief is matter, the
so-called substance of things we seem to experience with the five physical senses. Mrs. Eddy is clear about the need to separate matter from Spirit:

“Is Science material? No! It is the Mind of God — and God is Spirit. Is Truth material? No! Therefore I do not try to mix matter and Spirit, since Science does not and they will not mix.” (’01 22:4-7)

“Matter and Mind are opposites. One is contrary to the other in its very nature and essence; hence both cannot be real. If one is real, the other must be unreal.” (S&H 270:5-7)

A belief in matter brings with it beliefs in sickness, but God has no part in this:

“It is not in accordance with the goodness of God’s character that He should make man sick, then leave man to heal himself.” (S&H 208:12-14)

So, when we hallow God’s name, we try to separate our concept of Him from all material beliefs. As Mrs. Eddy writes:

“Christian Science attaches no physical nature and significance to the Supreme Being or His manifestation; mortals alone do this.” (S&H 117:7-10)

* * *
(Excerpted from “First Lessons in Christian Science, Volume Three: The Lord’s Prayer” Copyright 2005)

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Hallowed #6


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