“Thy kingdom come” – Q&A #11

Thy kingdom come.
Thy kingdom is come; Thou art ever-present.

Question: What is consciousness?

Answer: Consciousness is the awareness we all have that we exist. It is the place where we think and feel, and are aware of our environment and identity. We have read in other lessons that the kingdom of heaven is within consciousness. One of the best ways to describe consciousness is
Soul, as Mary Baker Eddy does in this citation:

“Soul is the only real consciousness which cognizes being. The body does not see, hear, smell, or taste.” (Rud. 5:18)

Soul, or consciousness, therefore, is that aspect of God which is aware of Itself. Soul is closely linked to Spirit and Mind. Soul is the source of our spiritual senses and resources. Soul, which is infinite Spirit, is the atmosphere we live in. Part of the definition of kingdom of heaven in the Glossary of our textbook is, “. . . the atmosphere of Spirit, where Soul is supreme.” (S&H 590:3) 
Part of the definition of heaven is “. . . the atmosphere of Soul.” (S&H 587:26)

This atmosphere, or consciousness, is filled with understanding, beauty, goodness, balance, and joy. Mrs. Eddy tells us that “the Lord’s Prayer is the prayer of Soul, not of material sense.”
14:22)  She also writes: “The divine understanding reigns, is all, and there is no other
consciousness.”  (S&H 535:6)

You may be able to see now that, as Jesus taught, the kingdom of heaven is within us, but we
experience this kingdom through the understanding of Soul.

* * *
(Excerpted from “First Lessons in Christian Science, Volume Three: The Lord’s Prayer”
Copyright 2005)

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Kingdom #11


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