The Sixth Commandment – Q&A #4

The Sixth Commandment
“Thou shalt not kill”

Question: How did Jesus demonstrate the Sixth Commandment?

Answer: Jesus taught his followers to control their anger and hate; he urged them not to harm or kill others, even in self-defense; and he proved that efforts to kill him were useless, since God is Life. The events of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus show us the way.
At Easter, Christians remember these events each year. Mary Baker Eddy writes:

“Jesus could have withdrawn himself from his enemies. He had power to lay down a human sense
of life for his spiritual
identity in the likeness of the divine; but he allowed men to attempt the
destruction of the mortal body in order that he might furnish the proof of immortal life. Nothing could kill this Life of man. Jesus could give his temporal life into his enemies’ hands; but when his
earth-mission was accomplished, his spiritual life, indestructible and eternal, was found forever the same. He knew that matter had no life and that real Life is God; therefore he could no more be
separated from his spiritual Life than God could be extinguished.” (S&H 51)

“Judas had the world’s weapons. Jesus had not one of them, and chose not the world’s means of
defence. ‘He opened
not his mouth.’ The great demonstrator of Truth and Love was silent before envy and hate. Peter would have smitten the enemies of his Master, but Jesus forbade him, thus
rebuking resentment or animal
courage. He said: ‘Put up thy sword.’” (S&H 48)

Practice: Think about a situation in your past that made you angry. Plan how you might act if it happens again.

* * *
(Excerpted from “First Lessons in Christian Science, Volume One: The Ten Commandments”
Copyright 2001)

6th C #4


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