The Seventh Commandment – Q&A #8

The Seventh Commandment
“Thou shalt not commit adultery”

Question: If someone is unhappy in their marriage, and they do not want to get a divorce
because they have children, would it be okay for them to look for happiness with someone else, even if that means they are committing adultery?

Answer: Obedience to the Ten Commandments is not meant to keep us from being happy, but to prevent unhappiness. The commandments deliver us from the temptations of evil, which have been proven to lead to sorrow, rather than joy. Here is what Christian Science teaches:

“Soul has infinite resources with which to bless mankind, and happiness would be more readily
attained and would be
more secure in our keeping, if sought in Soul. Higher enjoyments alone can satisfy the cravings of immortal man. We cannot circumscribe happiness within the limits of personal sense. The senses confer no real enjoyment.” (S&H 60-61)

“Happiness consists in being and in doing good; only what God gives, and what we give ourselves and others through His tenure, confers happiness; conscious worth satisfies the hungry heart, and nothing else can.” (‘02 17)

Suppose we make the mistake of committing adultery, then what? Jesus has suggested what we must do: we admit the sin and see it as error; we forgive ourselves and others, and then sin no more! We may find ourselves tempted again, but we must eventually learn that there is no real pleasure in sin of any kind.

Further Study: Read and discuss the story of Jesus and the “woman taken in adultery” in John, chapter 8. It is a good lesson on handling sin and sinners.

* * *
(Excerpted from “First Lessons in Christian Science, Volume One: The Ten Commandments”
Copyright 2001)

To print out the image below, which is from the original book, click on the image and save to your computer. To read explanation on how to use these “clip and carry” lessons, see the “About” page.

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