“Blessed are the peacemakers . . . ” – Q&A #5

Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

Question: What is “harmony”?

Answer: Harmony is what you get after doing your work as peacemaker! It is when everything is in agreement and peaceable — no conflicts, strife, disagreements, or discord. Harmony is
such a perfect atmosphere that it is how Mary Baker Eddy defines “Heaven” in the “Glossary” of Science and Health. See if you can find that definition.

An important point in the teachings of Christian Science is that heaven, harmony, is already ours. But, it is the belief in the mist of mortal mind that seems to hide harmony from our view. Our work as peacemaker is what helps us to rise above the mists of mortal beliefs. The truths we learn in Christian Science can help us in this work:

“There is but one way to heaven, harmony, and Christ in divine Science shows us this way. It is to know no other reality — to have no other consciousness of life — than good, God and His reflection,
and to rise superior to the so-called pain and pleasure of the senses.”  (S&H 242)

“Christian Science, rightly understood, leads to eternal harmony.” (S&H 338)

“The real Christian Scientist is constantly accentuating harmony in word and deed, mentally and orally, perpetually repeating this diapason of heaven: ‘Good is my God, and my God is good. Love is my God, and my God is Love.’” (Mis. 206)

Practice: Try repeating those last words to yourself many times today.

* * *
(Excerpted from “First Lessons in Christian Science, Volume Two: The Beatitudes”
Copyright 2002)

To print out the image below, which is from the original book, click on the image and save to your computer. To read explanation on how to use these “clip and carry” lessons, see the “About” page.

Peacemakers - #5


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