“And lead us not into temptation . . . ” – Q&A #12

And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil;
And God leadeth us not into temptation, but delivereth us from sin, disease, and death.

Question: How does God deliver us from sin?

Answer: It is important to know that God does help us, even though sin is no part of His
creation. Mary Baker Eddy explains:

“Error may say that God can never save man from sin, if He knows and sees it not; but God says,
I am too pure to
behold iniquity, and destroy everything that is unlike Myself.” (Un. 18:6)

While knowing that God’s presence is a sure destroyer of any belief in sin, we also have our own work to do, as well, to prove this as a fact in our daily lives:

“Your means of protection and defense from sin are, constant watchfulness and prayer that you
enter not into temptation
and are delivered from every claim of evil, till you intelligently know and demonstrate, in Science, that evil has neither prestige, power, nor existence, since God, good, is All-in-all.” (Mis. 115:15)

“We must . . . realize God’s presence, power, and love, in order to be saved from sin. This realization takes away man’s fondness for sin and his pleasure in it; and, lastly, it removes the pain which
accrues to him from it.” (Un. 2:7-11)

“There can be but one Mind, because there is but one God; and if mortals claimed no other Mind and accepted no other, sin would be unknown.” (S&H 469:17-20)

These truths can deliver us from sin!

* * *
(Excerpted from “First Lessons in Christian Science, Volume Three: The Lord’s Prayer”
Copyright 2005)

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Temptation - #12


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