Q&A & Links

Basic questions and answers on Christian Science.  List just starting in August 2017 – please revisit for future questions.

What is Christian Science?

Is Christian Science Based Upon the Bible?

What is the Mission or Purpose of Christian Science?

How does Christian Science Define God?

What are the essential points of Christian Science?

How Can Christianity Also be a Science?

How Does One Become a Student of Christian Science?


For further information on Christian Science, its Discoverer and Founder Mary Baker Eddy, and more resources for teaching the “First Lessons” to Sunday School pupils, check out these links:

https://www.christianscience.com  (the main website for the CS church, and its activities)

https://jsh.christianscience.com/console   (the online site for articles published by the Christian Science Publishing Society for over 100 years; includes directory of churches and societies, and Christian Science practitioners, and the Weekly Bible Lessons; many articles and podcasts are free; others need a subscription.)

https://www.csmonitor.com  (online site for The Christian Science Monitor newspaper)

https://www.christianscience.com/youth/sunday-school   (Resources for teaching Sunday School, including videos, animation, posters and more on the “First Lessons”)

https://www.marybakereddylibrary.org   (Online site of the Mary Baker Eddy Library)

https://longyear.org  (online site for the Longyear Museum, an independent museum dedicated to the life and work of Mary Baker Eddy)

https://thebookmark.com  (The Bookmark – online independent store for early and contemporary works on Christian Science.